How Double Glazed Windows Can Save You Money

double glazing Kent house windows may seem like an extra expense, but they are actually a cost-saving measure. If you’re on the fence on whether to get double glazing for your windows, then here’s how it can help save you money.

Heat Loss and Keeping Heat Out

Kent is a great place to live, but the climate is UK standard. This means that the summers are great, but the true worry is in the winter. When the temperature drops, the heat inside your house needs to stay there. However, houses naturally lose heat. Most of the time 25 percent of heat is lost. This can be bad if you plan to keep warm during those cold winter nights.

Hot summer days can also be a problem. Heat waves are a regular occurrence nowadays. Your AC will be going full blast on those days and you will quite a bit of trouble. Your windows are the main way that heat enters the home. This is because the sun’s rays come in and bring with it heat. The cold also leeches out via the windows.

This is where double-glazing comes in.

What Double Glazing Does

A normal window is single-glazed. For a window to be double-glazed, it requires the special installation of two panes of glass. First, there is the inner plane of glass which has undergone proper treatment. Next, there is the outer pane of glass which also has been treated.

The inner pane allows only specific wavelengths of light in. The other wavelengths get reflected back. This ensures that the inner glass becomes warmer. The result is that the interior of your home is a lot warmer. As the cold months continue, you will appreciate the heat that is retained.

Combined with that is the insulating barrier that the double-glazed window presents. Because of its construction, there is a layer of inside that helps retain the inner temperature of your home. Most of the time, installers pump it full of special argon gas to better do temperature retention.

For warmer months, the inner cold of the room is retained because of the insulation. Additionally, the insulation goes both ways. Heat can’t get in because of the insulation ensuring that AC bill won’t skyrocket.

The Savings

Of course, there is the initial price of installing a new double-glazed window. The price for an A-rated double-glazed window is pretty expensive, but the savings that it can produce are balanced against that. You can expect to save £85 to £115 every year with an A-rated window. If it is B-rated, the savings are a bit lower. However, they are still sizable.

Add to that fact that most windows have a lifespan of over 20 years, you can expect £2000 of savings in the long run. With the amount you saved, you will have money to pay for the window and more. Think of double-glazing as an investment - especially if it is done by expert window workers.
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