Freshen Up Mind and Body with Yoga Holidays

Freshen Up Mind and Body with Yoga Holidays

Are you planning a Yoga Holiday but confused about where to go for it? When this world has a lot of wonderful opportunities, it naturally becomes difficult to choose 'the one'. These destinations satiate your ultimate desire for perfect vacations.

Holidaying on a beach is one thing but holidaying on a beach with a dose of Yoga retreat is next level. You can sit on the beach or walk around in the woods, letting Nature smear your face with its beauty. But, imagine if you absorb the moment while you do some mediation or stretch in a Yoga pose. Wouldn’t it be next to reaching a divine moment, while you exhale the trapped negativity out? One of the many benefits of practicing Yoga & meditation is that you can probably do it anywhere. Be it in the garden, by the sea, in the woods, or inside a regular Yoga studio, this art can catapult your life into one great thing. So, if you are packing your bags right now for a holiday or maybe planning one, it is time to grab that mat and put it in your bag. Presenting to you - world’s best 4 places for your dream Yoga Holidays:

The places are on the list according to the price range: High to Low

  1. Echoing ‘Om’ in Uttrakhand, India

Yoga is one of many blessings that you receive alongside Ayurveda, Chinese Medicines, and a serene stay. Uttrakhand and connecting places like Haridwar open the gates to an optimal experience of your lifetime. Yoga holidays amidst the beauty of Mango and Lychee orchards with birds chirping and fresh air surely sway you off your feet. While you stay here, you will have access to private as well as group Yoga sessions and meditation schedules, so that you unlock the core power within. Uttrakhand is a place that reflects the ethereal beauty of the stretched Himalayas and the pious Ganges shall drench your soul with joy and much-needed stillness.

  1. Harness the Power of East- Japan

Japan is a country that dominates the global arena with modern technology and unmatched innovations. However, unfolding the flipside, this country has places that will douse your existence in pure divine energies. Japan has some of the fascinating adventure Yoga holidays, wherein you will experience the benefits of Jivamukti Yoga asanas, and lets you go on a date with Nature and its magnificence. You will get a chance to stay in local inns that is surrounded by farms in the mountains and also lets you stay in cabins in the woods. Isn’t it beautiful in both imagination and reality? Two of most popular holiday destinations for Yoga enthusiasts are at Nozwa Onsen and the other amidst the quirky environment of Shōganji Zen. One of the major treats is the special tea ceremony and a chance to attend temple meditation.

  1. Attaining Nirvana in Thailand

Thailand is one of most happiest and loved traveling destinations in the world. The amazing beaches, cheap local markets, and Durian, are some of the highlights that pulls in a lot of people from different parts of the world. Your plan for the best of Yoga Holiday is incomplete without visiting Koh Samui in Thailand. This is one of many destinations that offer a complete package comprising daily group classes, personal Yoga training, spa, and many other holistic activities. On the other hand, Yoga holidays in Phuket can be an enriching experience because of beauty of its islands, and natural greenery around that offers a perfect ambience for yoga and several opportunities for women retreats as well. Not to forget, the Bangkok city that is chic yet true to its tradition at the same time.

  1. Greatness in Greece

The most treasured asset of the Mediterranean, Greece is a home to travel junkies, beach lovers, and hippies from all around the world. The sunsets over the horizon of the sea side makes it an obvious destination for aspiring Yogis. At a distance of just about 5 minutes from the Ionian sea, there is a perfect place for Yoga holidays, which is a bifurcation into a Venetian-style house and five Mongolian yurts. You can do Yoga on the beach in pre-planned two classes a day in a set up that overlooks the sea. In between, you can devour great vegetarian or vegan Greek meals. Most sought-after Yoga Holiday Destinations include the likes of luxury yoga sessions on the beach in Mykonos and Crete, to meditation center in Ikaria, Yoga retreat program at Princess Resort in Skiathos Island and Hatha Yoga lessons in Plaka Beach. Apart from satiating the taste buds, you also have a chance to enjoy hiking, which makes your Yoga Holiday extravaganza, wholesome and complete.

Yoga Holidays can add a new dimension to your life personifies serenity and inculcates an improved mental state of mind. All it takes is a plan, finances, and your folks to accompany you on the journey of a lifetime.

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