Effects of laser hair removal treatment one should definitely know

Effects of laser hair removal treatment one should definitely know

Excessive hair growth at unwanted parts of the body has always been a problem for both men and women. Almost everyone spends a considerable amount of money to remove hair from our arms and legs. Laser hair treatment has been used as a cosmetic treatment and is increasing popularity. This task is performed by plastic surgeons across the world.

Side effects of Laser hair removal

While the procedure in the laser treatment is risk-free but there might be some side effects of this process.

  1. The use of a layer to eliminate the hair involves a lot of heat to burn the heat. This can even burn your skin which gives you a darker skin.
  2. It is very important to protect your eyes during the procedure as it might lead to eye injury.
  3. Itching is a normal side effect of laser hair removal Abu Dhabi. This is so common and experienced by like everybody who goes through this process.
  4. After this treatment, skin turns red for few days and there is likely to be swelling around the follicle. If you are experiencing such issue, contact the plastic surgeon.
  5. Numbness, tingling, and pain around the treated area by the laser are the common drawback of this treatment.
  6. Laser treatment can lead to formation and crusting of scab around the area. A mild bruising may occur on the sensitive skin. These side effects appear within the first few days of the treatment.
  7. A very rare reaction to laser treatment is purple coloring of the skin on tanned areas.
  8. Another rare side effect of this procedure is an infection.

Patients should plan on being the way from work for one or two weeks, this will differ depending on the extent of their treatment. Redness of the skin normally lasts longer for some months or less than that. Redness is so common issue with this treatment.

This article is all about the side effects of hair laser removal Abu Dhabi. Laser skin treatment is safe when performed by a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. Patients who are prone to scaring after a minor injury should not be recommended for this treatment. Acne, cold sores, and other skin disorders may enhance the risk of laser skin resurfacing complications and this should be discussed with your dermatologist.

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