Catering Business Tips: A Quick Guide To Shopping For Tableware

Catering companies do more than just provide excellent and delicious food for their clients. The companies are usually also in charge of setting up the tables for the event. This includes fancy tablecloth that matches the theme, providing chairs fitting for the occasion, as well as designing a table setting that will impress everyone.

Having all the catering essentials is a must, but nothing is more important than having the proper catering tableware for any and all occasions. Investing in a set reliable tableware set is the best way to save money in the long run. No caterer wants to end up buying new tableware every few months. Here’s a guide that will help you choose the right set that will match your needs, budget, and expectations:

Tip 1: Simple, Versatile, And Elegant

Catering tableware and catering crockery should be versatile enough that they can be used for several types of events. Choosing a simple yet elegant design allows you to reuse the tableware for special events like weddings, but they aren’t too elaborate that they cannot be used for a company event.

Getting carried away and buying elaborately designed tableware will limit their use and it will not be practical. You will get the most out of simple designs that are versatile, yet still very elegant.

Tip 2: Durability And Functionality

If you are the type of catering company that offers their services for just about any occasion it is best to go for tableware that is functional and durable. Remember, the guests are there to enjoy the party and the food, they won’t be extra careful with the tableware and you should expect some breakages after each event.

Instead of buying expensive extra cutlery for fine dining purposes, it is best to stick to the usual and functional choices. Too many plates and utensils on the table is distracting and clunky. Not unless the client specifically requests for a fine dining setup, stick to the basics.

Tip 3: Always Buy Extras

As mentioned before, the tableware will go through a lot of wear and tear. More often than not the shattering of a few plates or wine glasses will be heard at least once during the event. Instead of waiting until you are finally low on the tableware, make sure to add a few extra sets during your initial purchase. This will allow you to use the same set for longer.

Tip 4: Dishwasher Safe Options

Always, always, always go for tableware that is dishwasher safe. Catering events usually provide food and seating for hundreds of people meaning the dirty dishes will pile up after the event. If you are in charge of everything you do not want your crew to stay hours after just to wash the dirty dishes. Dishwasher safe tableware are usually also very durable so it makes a lot of sense to purchase them instead of delicate and expensive China.

Smart Choices For Bigger Savings

Be prepared to cater to any event in your roster by choosing the right tableware and crockery. With smart choices, you can save a lot, even if the clients end up breaking a few plates and glasses along the way.

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