Awesome ideas for outdoor learning for pre-schoolers

Awesome ideas for outdoor learning for pre-schoolers

A teacher needs to steel herself to bring the learning environment outside the classroom for the kids. There is a lot of preparation that goes behind this kind of set-up for children of learning age. Any kind of negligence or incompetency can cause hindrance in the outdoor leaning experience. 

There are so many preschool activities that you can conduct outdoors to enrich the kids with real-life skills. Set up a schedule specifying which items you would like outside on which days and ask parents to bring them to your play area before they leave. 

Materials to Use Outside

The materials to feature in your preschool outdoor activities are limited only by your imagination. Here are some ideas to start out with an outdoor classroom idea.

Art: Provide an easel or use clothes-pins to secure the paper to a chain-link fence. Paint with brushes or spray-bottles with watered down paint. Provide brushes, paint and paper to use at a picnic table or on the floor outside. 

Water Play: Bring a water game outside for some sensory fun. You'll have to use the materials same as you would use inside, like water, shaving soap etc. Try adding bubbles to the table. If you've got a sandbox outside, don't ignore your water level. Add some sand and water to your water table for a mud table. 

Preschool Outdoor Activities

Dramatic Play: You don't need to have a full out kitchen area or fancy dress-up station to engage young kids. Just bring out a number of the props for the theme you’ve decided and the kids will structure the rest. Cooking will happen on a rock that they pretend may be a stove. They're going to frolic turning rocks (or friends) into frogs with a magic wand. 

Blocks: Yes, bring out a spread of blocks for outdoor playtime. This may extend their outdoor construction in numerous ways. Playing with blocks will teach children about how patience and honest teamwork can turn mere building blocks into solid structures.

Library: A blanket, a little bag and the sweet shade of a tree are all that's needed, and perhaps a couple of stuffed animals or puppets too, for creating a kid’s library out in the open.

Math: Provide the children with some board games, sorters, counters or other activities that you would be performing in the classroom the current week. 

Science Centre: Outside may also be a science centre if you decide on it. You can provide a bin for the students to collect and put items that they find outside. 

Ideas for outdoor activities

    1. Chalk Art: Kids can learn to colour the world around them with their active imagination with some colourful chalks. They can create art on the sidewalk or make a mosaic masterpiece on a wall.

    2. Trampoline fun: Kids have a lot of energy, and this energy should be invested somewhere mindfully in order to avoid destruction and chaos. Getting a trampoline where they can jump and play will be a great idea.

    3. Water balloons: Children love to play with water, so they would obviously enjoy playing with water balloons. You can teach about the different colours of the balloons and the shape of it while allowing them to have fun play fighting with them.

    4. Mud art: Children enjoy being messy. You cannot expect them to go out to play and come back all clean and shiny. They are bound to get their hands and clothes dirty from playing in a mud pie. It is better if you allow them to play with mud under your supervision. 

    5. Scavenger hunt: You will be able to teach a number of skills if you take the kids for a hike or a nature scavenger hunt game. This is a great way of learning while being involved with nature.

    6. Rock stacking contest: Stacking rocks and making large mounts from them can teach kids many things, from patience to balance. It might seem like a simple activity but it will make the children more determent, improve their concentration and teach them the importance of waiting patiently.

    7. Camp out: Another interesting activity to do outside with kids would be to camp out. You can set up a picnic or a book reading session for the day and organise a small campfire for the evenings. 

    8. Rock painting: A simple rock can be turned into a beautiful art-piece with some colours and a little effort. Children will enjoy making faces and little sceneries on rocks while they are outside.

    9. Paper boat race: One of the fondest memories that we all share from our childhood is of making small paper boats and sailing them in collected rain-water. Such an activity leaves a lasting impact on a young child’s brain and helps ground him/her to the nature. You can organise a paper boat race with your kids after a rainy day and watch them get all pumped up and excited.

    10. Obstacle course: If you want to tire your kids with some active physical work then you can prepare an obstacle course for them. You can use sports equipment, toys, chairs, etc. to create the obstacle course where the kids would have to go over, under, top, around, backwards and onwards.

In the fast-paced world of today where it is very difficult to stay away from a device it is important to teach children the importance of physical activities and to connect them with the green nature. you can choose any activity from the above mentioned options, or any other, to inspire creativity, imaginations, laughter and joy in the kids.

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