All You Need to Know about the Great Rann utsav

All You Need to Know about the Great Rann utsav

Rann of Kutch is the biggest salt desert in the world. Its magnificent full moon view is widely acclaimed and tourists from all over the world come to witness the natural splendour in person. The inhabitants have mixed the fine art of culture with the natural beauty and have created- The Rann Utsav. This desert festival is organised at a grand level by Gujarat Tourism Department. This fest offers a roof under which Gujarat's colours, culture and expressions are introduced. The climate conditions of Gujarat especially near desert is a bit harsh. So, rann utsav is organised during winters when the air is crisp and clear. The 2018-2019 celebration has been scheduled from November 1, 2018 to February 20, 2019.

Advantages of Booking a Rann Utsav Package

A holiday package makes your trip memorable in real sense. Your travel agency will take care of your stay, pickup & drop, food, travelling guidelines so that you can capture lifetime memories in your camera. The only way to enjoy Kutch Rann Utsav to its fullest is by booking best fitting package. If you don't do so you'll have to hustle at every step and you might not enjoy enough.
Apart from being a part of rann utsav you'll get to visit various historic sites, the white desert, adventure rides etc. for extra edge experience. Stay in tent city. This is the biggest temporary setup with both AC and non-AC tents that can't be seen elsewhere. This is optional as you can also opt for other resorts or hotels for staying purpose.

Best Time to Explore the Rann Utsav

The perfect time is when moon is at its fullest. If you choose full moon night, you will come across the most captivating serene view of the white rann. When the moonlight touches the salt desert the complete surface gleam. Sunrise and sunset at Rann of Kutch are so enchanting that you'll fall in love with nothingness of this desert. The vibrant hues of the salt will make it more memorable. This is the time when you can have uninterrupted view of the untroubled nature's beauty.


Kutch welcomes tourists from around the world for the Rann utsav that is being observed during months of winters. Various mind blowing performances are organised, making the event travellers dazzled with the beauty at sight. The full moon night, tent city and innumerable activities gives an expanded view of Kutch. Rann utsav tourism packages eases the flow of trip. This way you can unravel the beauty of Kutch in true sense.

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