Advantages of Using Annular Cutters in Metalworking

Advantages of Using Annular Cutters in Metalworking

We are suppliers of Annular Cutters worldwide, which are used in metal production, heavy industry, and mechanical processing sectors. DIC’s cutters are constructed with special-purpose tungsten carbide tips that decrease tip damage and increase endurance.

What are Annular Cutters?

Annular cutters are metalworking tools used to create holes. They are also known as core drill bits, core cutters, or cup-type cutters. The annulus shape originated the name "annular cutter." An annular cutter cuts only the hole groove and leaves a slug or solid core at the center.

Annular cutters are more efficient than other hole-making instruments like twist drills and hole saws because they remove less material during the cutting operation. An annular cutter is often classified as either high-speed steel (HSS) or tungsten carbide tipped (TCT). The two types of core drill bit shanks that are most commonly used are Weldon and Universal.
Today we’ll discuss the annular cutter in depth. We think you'll have a solid knowledge of this hole-making tool after reading this article.

Types of Annular Cutter:
The two types of Annular Cutters are tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) and high-speed steel (HSS) cutters, according to the manufacturing material.

HSS Annular Cutter: HSS Annular cutters are manufactured from high-speed steel material. HSS Annular cutters come with features like unique tooth geometry, fast feed rate, smooth hole surface, less vibration, and clear-cutting. HSS Annular cutters are highly efficient for mild steel applications.

One of the primary benefits of HSS annular cutters is their versatility. They are compatible with a wide range of drilling equipment and can drill through a variety of materials, making them an adaptable solution for a variety of applications. Furthermore, HSS cutters are easier to resharpen than TCT cutters, allowing them to last longer.

TCT Annular Cutter: TCT annular cutters are manufactured with a steel body and a tungsten carbide that is brazed to the cutting edges. The tungsten carbide material gives the cutter superior hardness and durability, making it perfect for drilling through hard materials such as steel, stainless steel, and cast iron.

TCT cutters are also known for their high cutting speed and accuracy, which eliminates the need for secondary operations such as reaming and deburring. Another advantage of TCT annular cutters is their ability to keep a constant diameter during drilling.

The tungsten carbide insert has a sharp cutting edge, thus the hole diameter remains constant throughout the drilling process. This produces a more accurate and consistent hole, which is required for precision machining processes.

Advantages of Annular Cutters:

One of the primary benefits of using annular cutters is their efficiency. Their unique shape allows them to cut through materials faster and with less effort than ordinary drill bits. This saves time and resources while lowering the risk of errors and mishaps.

Another major advantage of annular cutters is their precision. Annular cutter’s unique structure allows them to make accurate and clean cuts in even the most hard materials. This makes them appropriate for many industries that require precision and dependability, such as:

  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Metal Fabrication

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