4 Reasons Why You Should Conduct a Content Audit

4 Reasons Why You Should Conduct a Content Audit

Content is used as a precious marketing instrument across all industries. And SEO is not an exception, rather content is considered as the king of Search Engine Optimization. It can make or break your SEO campaign. Original, relevant, and quality content plays an important role to maximise your SEO potentials. However, how do you understand what’s doing well on your website versus what is missing the mark with your targeted audiences? And here, comes the concept of a content audit.

It is an analysis of all the content on your site. This can be done both from the point of view of an SEO and user engagement. Whether you want to use quality content for rankings or want to see your blog in one of the top Australian SEO blogs, SEO audit is a must-have thing to consider. If you are not sure if you need one, check out the reasons for a content audit.

  1. You are getting traffic, but not conversions

For better SEO, organic traffic plays a crucial role. However, if the traffic is flowing easily to your site but you are not seeing an increase in conversions, then the goal of your SEO campaign will not be achieved. It might be that your content is attracting wrong users. And the reasons is that the page copy does not target a specific buyer persona, or don’t address the needs and preferences of your target audience. It can also be down to the content not being persuasive enough or fail to clarify what action the users should take.  If this is the scenario, then the traffic will not convert, and the only way to solve the problem is to conduct a content audit.

  1. People don’t know how to find the required thing on your website

If a good number of users are coming to your website but finding it difficult to get the desired thing that they are looking for, then they will leave your site within a few seconds, and look elsewhere. Along with dissatisfying your end users, it will increase the bounce rate that will affect your SEO rankings. A content audit plays a significant role to help you identify areas where you can simplify the user journey, so that your target audience is able to find the required information or product that they are in search of.

  1. You are redesigning your website

If you have recently decided to offer new products or service along with the existing ones to the customers and for this rebranding your company, or have planned to redesign your site for better user experience, then content audit is one of the vital things that you have to keep in mind. It will not only help you to highlight the issues that are creating hindrance in your way to getting higher rankings but also help you understand the steps to tie the sales strategy to the content strategy and achieve your goals.

  1. Subscribers have lost interest in what you’ve got to say

In case your website has a blog and you send out newsletters on the regular basis to a list of loyal subscribers but they have stopped reading your content, then a content audit is the ultimate thing that your site requires. When you find out why people subscribed in the first place, you can get your content back on track. A content audit is a great way to check if the content has drifted away from its original purpose.

These are some of the reasons why your site or blog needs a content audit. And to get the service, opt for an SEO company today.

Author Bio: William Smith, a blogger of one of the top Australian SEO blogs, here writes on the reasons for conducting a content audit.

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