3 Important Things Panda Tour in Chengdu

3 Important Things Panda Tour in Chengdu

Let’s just admit that the giant pandas are the adorable animals on earth. But, they will become non-existent soon. As the clock of evolution is continuously ticking, it is high time to spend at least a half day with this endangered species.

If you are clueless about where to take your family in the upcoming summer holidays, Chengdu can be the perfect place to learn new things. You can spend days in the lap of nature or feed the sweet wild animals (like panda bears in the sanctuary). So, why not backpack to the southwestern province of China?

Pandas have been discovered circa 1869 but due to smuggling and nature’s rule; there has been decline in panda population. Mainly found in the mountain ranges, Chengdu has gained much popularity for continuing conservation base for them. In case, you are planning to book Chengdu Panda Tour this summer, remember the following things before going there.

Is the Panda Tour Worth Your Time?

The pandas are lovable creatures having human-like appearances – they crave protection, they are mischievous, they are funny, and they hold bamboos with their thumb (not exactly thumb but sesamoid bone). Their all-day long bamboo diet and playful nature are adorable to every tourist’s sight.

When is the Best Time to Visit?

If you are a late riser, you may be in a difficult situation. It is wise to visit the panda bears before 10 am because they tend to take naps for 2-4 hours between meals. If they are not slumbering on the tree trunks, you will catch them binging on bamboos. Pandas are very elusive in nature and tourists can seldom notice them communicating with other pandas.

You can visit these black and white fur balls around the whole year but August is their breeding season. So, if you wish to get a glimpse of pink baby panda in the nursery, go to the research base between August & December.

Where do I Go Next?

After spending a half day with the cute red and white pandas, you can explore different sides of Chengdu including Mt. Genie, Mt. Meili, and Mt. Gongga. You can also get a taste of Tibetan lifestyle and interact with the nomadic families living in Litang.

If you are interested in exploring the off-beat scenic beauty of China and its province, the itinerary of China Adventure Tours can excite you instantly.

Author bio: Avery Montgomery is a travel enthusiast and has traveled all over China before publishing multiple articles on the important things to consider for China Adventure Tours. She, here, writes about 4 things to know before booking Chengdu Panda Tour.

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