13 Tips How To Prevent Fire In Your Restaurant's Kitchen

Electrical appliances. Flammable cooking oil. Cleaning chemicals. The mere existence of these items in a commercial kitchen makes it a fire accident-prone area. As you work in a field where the ingredients of a fire disaster are the very thing you need to keep the business running -- taking precautionary measures (e.g. Installing an Ansul fire system) is a necessity.

Check out these 13 important tips:

Let professionals identify fire hazards in your place

As prevention is always, always better than cure, it is a must that you let professionals inspect your place and identify potential fire hazards.

Install automated fire alarm and control system

If you have a restaurant business, it is a wise decision to install an automated Ansul fire system. This innovative tool takes immediate action on your behalf once fire emergencies break out.

Learn how to use basic firefighting equipment

Never just rely on your fire-suppression system. Get yourself and your staff equipped knowledge on how to use firefighting equipment like portable fire extinguishers.

Keep your kitchen clean

Keeping things tidy in the kitchen may be a simple thing, but it actually helps a lot in preventing kitchen fires. Clean hoods and vents, and make sure flammable liquids are properly stored.

Regularly inspect electrical appliances

Thoroughly check if your electrical equipment is in good condition. Look for frayed wiring and broken switch plates. Inspect if there are any damaged combustible items, especially those located near sources of power.

Examine exhaust system for grease build-up

It is recommended to have your ventilation and exhaust systems inspected once every quarter. This will let you know if grease has already accumulated in these rather tricky areas. Monthly inspection is advised for systems linked to solid-fuel cooking appliances.

Hire professional cleaning and maintenance services

To make sure every nook is taken cared of, it’s better to hire professionals to do your regular intensive cleaning and maintenance.

Follow what’s written in the manual of instructions

In the United Kingdom, more than 50 percent of all the reported fire incidents involved kitchen cooking equipment. Apart from keeping them clean and well-maintained, you and your employees must know how to use them properly.

Give proper training to your employees

Apart from proper equipment use, you should also get your staff trained in basic fire preventive measures (e.g. How to use chemical solutions properly).

Always stay alert and don’t ever leave cooking unattended

Having an Ansul fire system is not an excuse to be complacent. Every person in the kitchen must always stay alert. The area can get really busy most of the time, but it is everyone’s obligation to never ever leave cooking unattended.

Conduct fire emergency drills

In cases of fire emergencies, one must know how to conduct themselves properly. Doing fire emergency drills once in a while will help you and your personnel prepare for the worst.

Prepare an evacuation plan

Have everyone in your kitchen be informed about where the closest fire exits are. Let them know about standard procedures, like calling 911.

Make sure you have a first aid kit at hand

As nobody knows when a fire-related incident will occur, keeping a first aid kit at hand is also of utmost importance. This will also come in handy in dealing with various situations.

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