12 Tips For A Great Home Theater Design And Sound

Adding a home theater for the family to enjoy is a great investment for the property. Not only with the Bang and Olufsen installation project increase the value of the property when it is done, but it will also encourage the family to spend time together. Here are some installation tips to keep in mind:

1. Television Size

Sometimes bigger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to a home theater. Make sure to balance out the screen with the size of the room because too big of a screen can cause a headache and too small just isn’t fun.

2. Room Without Lighting Issues

Setting up the home theater in the living room is only a good idea if you also install blackout curtains. If you don’t the reflection of the windows and the lights will be distracting and ruin the experience for everyone.

3. Upgrade Speakers

If you set out to buy a new television make sure to add new speakers on the list. Having an amazing screen will not matter if the audio quality does not match the visuals.

4. Invest In A Subwoofer

Speaking of high-quality sounds, invest in a good subwoofer as well. This part of the system enhances the experience by adding depth and impact to the movie soundtrack.

5. Balance The Speakers

Audio issues are normal, but they can be irritating especially when the audio cuts in the middle of the film. Balance the speaker levels by following the instructions that come with the speakers.

6. Budget For Cables And Other Accessories

You do not want to go all out with the Bang and Olufsen installation project only to forget to budget for the cables and other theater accessories. Avoid feeling disappointed by looking into all necessary parts of the system before starting your shopping.

7. Find The Best Speaker Placement

Speakers that are blocked or kept inside an entertainment cabinet should be repositioned in an area where they are not obstructed by anything.

8. Get A Dedicated Circuit

Homes are filled with different electronics and gadget which make electrical "noise" that will affect the theater system if they are on the same circuit. Install a dedicated circuit specifically for the theater setup so it has its own clean power source.

9. Replace Wires And Cables

To get the best out of the home theater setup, invest in new speaker wires and cables for connecting. While those that come with the gadgets themselves work fine, high-quality accessories make all the difference in sound quality.

10. Clean Up The Wires

Allowing cables and wires to cross each other and just make a mess is never a good sight. It will also become a hassle when there is a need to find the right cables when doing some quick repair.

11. Always Read The User Manuals

Even if you have experience setting up a few home theater systems before, it is always best to take extra time to read through the manuals just to have a little more knowhow before installing anything.

12. Hire Professionals When Needed

If there are structural issues, wiring complications, and other hurdles, call the professionals to do the installing. They are better equipped and more experienced to handle complicated installation jobs.
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