12 Fun Activities To Enjoy With Your Family Over The Weekend

12 Fun Activities To Enjoy With Your Family Over The Weekend

They say that family is all we have, which stands true in so many aspects of life. It is always better to spend as much time together, it gives you a chance of sharing quality experiences. We are so caught up in our personal lives that it has become fairly impossible to spend consistent, quality times with our loved ones. We hardly gather any time to share our stories and experiences with our family members, but is this how you want to keep doing it? If not, I have a list of some fun activities which will help catch up with your family over the weekend. 

1. Home Video Night

Didn’t you as a kid loved those video nights? I did. Just tape a slideshow of all the cute pictures of your kid and pop it in. tell them little snippets of their younger days and discuss some of their embarrassing stories that they probably don’t remember. You can also play your wedding tapes, this will really fascinate your kids - just make sure to fast forward your wedding tape if it’s a 6 hour long recording. After all, you wouldn’t want to bore them to death!

2. Interactive Movie Night

Movie time with fam is the best! It’s a great way to have an interactive session thereafter, you can play desh bhakti movies or films with a controversial messaging. This is a great way to teach valuable lessons to your child in a fun manner. But make sure that you watch age-appropriate content, you don’t want them to sit clueless for 3 hours straight!

3. Engage In A Family Competition

A crafting or painting contest, may be? All you are going to need is some origami sheets, water colours, brushes, paper, tape, glue and some odd material that you can readily find around the house. The whole idea behind this activity is to involve and encourage your kid for a group task. It fills the child with feelings of competence and self-esteem. You can even make the task more competitive and memorable by allotting a prize to the winner. 

4. Cook And Eat

Even if it’s just maggi, organise cooking sessions with your kid. Remember, the family who eats together, stays together. Make an effort to have a “Family Meal Night” every alternative weekend, where you can make an effort to prepare family dinner with your kids. This will serve as a great lesson in teamwork, while you can enjoy some delicious meals from various countries.

5. Camping

Just pack a tent, some finger and packed food and go camping. You can ask your children to identify the different noises of animals and insects, sing songs sitting round the campfire and collect backyard materials for your next project. 

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