11 Incredibly Unique Wedding Gifts for Your Bestie

11 Incredibly Unique Wedding Gifts for Your Bestie

A marriage ceremony is always very special. The thought of dressing up, makeup, and gift ideas always occupy your mind for a couple of days. But when it comes to your beastie’s marriage it becomes one of the most important events of your life. Hence, you have to think not only about your dressing and makeup but you have to choose for her also. And additionally, if you have to think of the gifts, it will be an extra burden. So,Presto is coming up with a vast range of gift items and various wedding gifts ideasfor you. These are not only perfect but also will convey your message to your friend of how much he/she is important to you.

1.    Custom Photo Book

A customised photo book can be a delight for anyone who receives it. Isn’t it fantastic to relive the memories of the past when your friend is about to start his or her new journey of life? You can rest assured your bestie will be filled with joy when he or she receives it. So, a custom photo book can be a scintillating wedding gift for your best friend.

2.    LED Bottle Lamp

You would want to gift your bestie something that will leave a mark on his or her memory. So, how about giving your bestie an LED bottle lamp? Well, it is a very unique gift that will bring a smile on your bestie’s face. By customizing it with your past pictures, you will brighten up the memories of the past that your friend will cherish in his or her heart. So, it will be a fantastic gift idea for sure.

3.    Photo Wall Clocks

This is the best gift to preserve beautifulmemories. Customize a clock with the best picture of your bestie's album and mail it to Presto. We will turn it into a beautiful clock. It is made up of wood. Wood is the symbol of life, growth, and strength. In other words, it symbolizes friendship. It is unbreakable like your friendship.

4.    3D Photo Crystal

Presto presents special gifts for a special person. Curved portrait crystal is the unique and most elegant gift item that is world-wide appreciated. This is made up of K9 class Crystal which is as flawless as your friendship is. The base led light made it more graceful and unique. So chose one candy snap of your friend and his/her partner. Our engineer will convert it into 3D art. Remember to choose the picture with portrait dimension. We assure you that our printing will never wane away.

5.    3D Printable Hardboard

There are many photos in our album that are not picture-perfect but that are close to our hearts. If you have such sweet memory in the wedding ceremony of your best friend and you want to make it preserve it then go with printable hardboard. This photo plaque makes a mundane photo a pleasant memory. After all, it's your beasties marriage. She is expecting something unusual from you. So choose an exceptional gift to represent your exceptional never-ending and of course hard to break friendships.

6.    Hanging Display Photo Frame

If you want to present your friend with a series of memory then Hanging Display Photo Frame is the best wedding gifts ideas for you. This photo frame is consists of 16 photos printed on bitch wood using the latest printing technology. Like your friendship, the print never fades away. So choose this unique piece to surprise your bestie.

7.    Personalised Lamp

The Personalised 3D moon lamp is perfect for a romantic couple on their wedding day. The moon is made up of non-toxic PLA material. The moon changes 16 colours. So touch it and change the colour according to your mood. In the darkness, its light looks like the real moon. So choose the most romantic gift for a most romantic couple.

8.    Personalized Photo Frames

The personalized photo frame with a metal sheet makes a smart gift for your smart beastie. A wedding gift is nothing but a token of love. And when it is your best friend’s marriage your gift must show your love and affection for the newly married couple. So choose a sweet picture of them and send it to Presto. And make them surprised and happy with this gift.

9.    Customised Magic Mirror

The wedding gifts ideas for your best friend would be Presto’s 3 in one mirror photo frame with led light. This could be used as a mirror. Presto can transform it into a beautiful photo frame. Switch on the led light to show the picture as well as use it for night lamp. So if you want to make your gift cherishable to your friend, choose this one.

10.       Multicoloured Printed Wooden Photo Frames

If you want to gift something trendy yet classy gift to your loving friend you have to choose Presto’s wooden photo with premium frame. the photo will be printed on wood with premium quality laser printing which lasts for a lifetime. It never fades away or rubs off. So choose this to make your friend happy.

11.      Custom Printable Metal Name Plate

Presto’s personalised nameplates made with UNISUB sublimation aluminium sheet framed with wooden plate is a great choice to gift your best friend on their wedding. The new couple started their journey with new hope and a new home would surely admire your choice of gift. So enjoy your best friend’s wedding and gift them a unique token of love. 

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