11 Cybersecurity Best Practices For Small Businesses

If you have a small business and you think you would not be targeted by these cyber attackers -- you have to think again. According to statistics, almost 50 percent of cyber attack reports have actually targeted businesses like yours.

As any of the IT support companies in Kent would attest, cybersecurity is a vital aspect that most small and even mid-size companies do not prioritize. If you want to protect your firm’s information and online platforms safe, follow these best practices.

Be knowledgeable about the different cyber threats

Cyber threats can come in different forms. One type is phishing, wherein the attacker sends an e-mail, luring the recipient to open a certain link or attachment. Getting tricked by this act can lead to data-stealing.

Another type is the so-called watering holes. These refer to portals that have been hijacked and turned into a malicious website.

Develop cybersecurity protocols

To ensure that you and your staff and employees are on the same page, it pays to develop cybersecurity protocols and document them into one playbook.

Regularly update gadgets

A fundamental advice given by Kent IT Support teams is the regular updating of gadgets like computers, laptops, mobiles, and tablets. Keeping your browsers and operating systems up-to-date will help in giving protection against the latest types of cyber threats.

Always backup your files

You would not know when will a cybercriminal strike and steal your data. As a safety measure, make sure all your important files are backed up somewhere else.

Do not let unauthorized people get access to your computers and accounts

IT support companies in Kent always advise businesses to limit access to company-owned computers and accounts. Instead of a generic password, it is best to employ individual logins for your staff.

Double check if you are using a secure network

This advice transcends the confines of business cybersecurity processes. Even for personal safety, you must always guarantee that your use a secure network whenever you are browsing the interwebs. The best hint: check if the URL starts with "https://".

Go for data encryption

Crucial data like social security numbers, credit card numbers, and bank routing data should always be encrypted. IT support companies in Kent recommend encrypting data using a software that makes up passwords.

Use a firewall

At the forefront of your defense system against any cyber attack is the firewall -- the all-important barrier that hinders cyber criminals from stealing your business’ data. While using an external firewall is a standard operating procedure, Kent IT support companies adding internal firewall as a supplementary security measure.

Make sure your WiFi is secure

One of the best WiFi security practices is to check the WPA2 standard. You can do this by looking at the Security Options of the admin section of your router.

Be Malware-protected

Malware like Trojans and Ransomware is a major threat to the security of your small business. Keep in mind that all of your company-owned gadgets are covered by a security umbrella that can counterattack such nasty threats.

Do not forget to secure an SSL Certificate Protection

IT support companies in Kent know for a fact the even small businesses nowadays make use of online payment platforms. To secure transactions, make sure you have an SSL Certificate Protection.

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