10 things to know before you arrive in Dubai

10 things to know before you arrive in Dubai

The enchanting emirate of Dubai is a destination most of the wayfarers have listed on their travel bucket list. However, while planning a Dubai holiday, many feel skeptical about the dos and don’ts of Dubai. This dynamic and most popular destination in the world is also a broad-minded Middle Eastern city where keeping in mind a few important pointers are enough to let you enjoy a holiday smoothly. Check out these top 10 essential tips that will help you out in planning your Dubai holiday.

1.       In the times of COVID-19 pandemic, travel protocols have changed for Dubai visitors. Any visitors arriving in Dubai need to carry a valid COVID-19 negative test result. Before you leave your country, you should have a COVID-19 PCR test done 96 hours before departure. The travel protocols keep changing according to the pandemic situation and you should keep a check on the official website of the flight you have booked to keep yourself updated on all the requirements necessary for a smooth journey.

2.       Check if you need to apply for a visa or you can avail a visa on arrival. Visa requirements change according to your citizenship. Also, book flight tickets, hotel stays and attraction tickets in advance to avoid any hurdles on your Dubai trip.

3.       The best time to travel to Dubai is between October and March as the climate is cooler and it is pleasant to explore outdoor attractions. If you are travelling during other months, then be very mindful about Ramadan months as there are a lot of restrictions at public places and restaurants during the holy month.

4.       Dubai can look very sophisticated, expensive as a holiday destination. If you are budget-conscious, a little research about Dubai city will show there are ample attractions and activities that are free or have reasonable admission rates. Planning your trip wisely at the right time can also save you money on hotel stays and flights. For transportations, Dubai metro is the best way to get around the city as it has amazing connectivity throughout the emirate.  

5.       Dress modestly and conservatively. Dubai is quite forward-thinking than other emirates of UAE and hence the dress code is quite relaxed. You can dress casually for city sightseeings. At private beaches and pools, swimwear is allowed. T-shirts with captions that can hurt sentiments are not allowed. At mosques and traditional places, you should respect the local culture and dress in attires that cover shoulders and knees. If you are not sure about your attire,  carry a cardigan or a shawl so that you can improvise your attire.

6.       Always check if the medicines you are carrying along are allowed in Dubai. Dubai has strict anti-drug policies. Even a small quantity of poppy seeds can land you in a soup.

7.       If you plan on drinking, apply for a liquor license to buy alcohol. The legal drinking age in Dubai is 21 and you can only consume alcohol publicly at licensed restaurants, bars and clubs. Drinking in public, appearing drunk and drunk driving can land you in prison.

8.       Being an Islamic country, keep in mind that Dubai’s weekends are on Friday and Saturdays. Attractions and parks on these days are overcrowded than the rest of the days.

9.       Dubai’s scintillating city views are amazing and the emirate has countless mind-blowing attractions. However, take a pause from the overwhelming modernism and include an adventurous desert tour to your itinerary. A Dubai desert safari tour is a must-do experience as it shows that Dubai’s splendours exceed beyond the towering skyscrapers and record-breaking attractions.

10.   The reason Dubai is a safe city to travel is that the laws of Dubai are very strict. Keep a check and be aware of the laws to have a stress-free vacation.

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