10 Best Blogs To Follow On Customer Support

It is expected of employees to upgrade their skills and hone their creative bend of mind so that the business stays relevant and profitable in the ever-changing world of internet. If you are working in a customer support sector where you have to learn new customer support skills just to keep you afloat in this highly competitive and globalized industry, you have to spend sometimes to attend webinars, listen to podcasts from industry leaders or read some books related to the industry. There is another way you can keep yourself updated without spending hours to listen to podcasts or video tutorials and that is by following some popular Customer support blogs that get updated on a regular basis.

So, here is a curated list of top 10 customer support blogs that everybody should follow –

1.Bill Quiseng
If you are looking for suggestions from industry leaders, you need to bookmark Bill Quiseng’s customer support blog right now. This blog contains amazing and informative articles that will enrich your customer support experience and help you deal with your customers in efficient way. The articles are refreshing as far as their approach to customer support is concerned. So, if you are a new kid around the block and is planning to join the customer support industry, Bill Quiseng’s blog is the place where you need to be to know the industry secrets and tricks.

2. FreshDesk Blog

FreshDesk’s customer support blog is another popular blog that publishes highly engaging and interactive articles on a wide range of customer support related issues. Unlike other blogs that solely reply on articles to inform and educate their target audience, FreshDesk sometimes utilizes the power of infographics, images, videos and other interactive platforms to enlighten its audience. All its articles are well researched and they are written by professionals who are actively involved in the customer support.

3. Envision

Envision’s customer support blog manages to carve out a niche for itself by offering a whole new perspective to the concept of customer support. Rather than publishing only how to articles or rephrasing the same old topics in a different format, Envision has gone one step further by sharing its knowledge and expertise in this field via its blog. Another interesting thing about its Customer Support blog is that its blog posts attract hundreds of comments from people around the world. So, if you are looking for a blog cum community, you need to visit Envision’s Blog every now and then.

4. Forrester’s Blog
Forrester’s Blog is definitely one of the few authoritative blogs that publish unique research and data related to customer support and customers experience. Actionable insights and practical solutions to complex customer service related problems are what you can expect to find in this blog. The blog posts are mostly written by Analysts, data scientists and industry’s leading professionals. All the information and data that are included in its articles are backed by Forrester research.

5. Zendesk

Zendesk is definitely one the popular customer service software companies in the world and has done an incredible job by simplifying the concept of customer support. Its blog is a treasure trove of amazing articles that can help anyone working in the customer support industry to get a fresh new perspective and learn new skills. The most amazing thing about Zendesk blog is that it allows its customers to share their experience directly with its readers. So, you will get to know how other people are dealing with their customers in a efficient way and what they have done to improve their service.  

6. Destination CRM

If you have ever been to a magazine store, you might have spot Destination CRM magazine placed prominently somewhere in the stall. Now, if you hate the idea of reading magazines, you can visit its Blog where you can read all the articles for free. Unlike other customer support blogs that focus mainly on one or two areas of customer supports, Destination CRM blog tries to touch on all subjects and topics so that its readers can get a 360-degree view of the industry. It does not matter whether you are running a coffee shop or a book store, Destination CRM Blog can help you serve your customers as it posts articles targeted to different industries and business models.

7. Heart of the Customer CX Blog
If you are looking for advices that are grounded in reality, you need to visit Heart of the Customer CX Blog. Here you will get to read personal experience of people dealing with customer service. You will get to know how they deal with problems and how to manage to make their business a big hit. All the suggestions that you will find in this blog can be implemented in your organisation too. The posts are short but they contain useful information. You don’t have to be an expert to understand the articles that get posted on this blog. This blog primarily aims at ordinary people dealing with customers and providing them some level of guidance so that they can serve their customers efficiently. Those of you who are a big fan of customer journey mapping, Heart of the Customer CX Blog is the place you need to be.

8. Fonolo

If you have a feeling that your phone support team needs new ideas or the performance of the team is getting worse over the time, you need to bookmark this blog as this blog solely focuses on phone support. This blog publishes articles related to Contact Centers and what could be done to make them more customers friendly. The best thing about this blog is that it is not a collection of soulless data rather it is an amazing collection of highly interactive videos and webinars from Industry’s best and brightest minds. What else you could be looking for?

9. Userlike

UserLike is industry’s leading chat support provider and its blog is also trying to eek out a niche for itself by publishing highly addictive and informative article related to Chat Supports. So, if your business is utilizing the power of chat to stay connected to your customers, you must check out this blog. This blog publishes articles related to chat etiquettes, chat supports and other related topics. UserLike’s target audience is mainly ecommerce website owners as they are heavily reliant on chat support to conduct their businesses but anyone who wants to learn the tips and tricks of chat support should bookmark this blog.  


10. Customer Think

Customer Think is more a community of business minded people rather than a blog. Business owners around the world submit articles related to customers support and other related topics on this blog. Not all submitted posts get published; Customer Think has a team of highly qualified editors who check each post manually before approving them. It publishes interviews, articles, news and trending topics on a regular basis.

So, these are the top 10 customer support blogs that you need to follow in 2018.

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